Programs & Events

Programs & Events

Healthy New Albany offers a wide variety of classes, community programs, and events – all about enjoying life while improving health!

Our programs are open to everyone (no residency or membership restrictions), though we do sometimes offer discounts to specific populations.

Some examples of programs and events we offer include:
Studio 55+ (a gathering place for anyone age 55 and older) 
Integrative Wellness:
Chair Yoga
Tai Chi
Urban Zen
Cooking classes (for adults and for kids)
Nature programs
“I Am Thriving” (program for cancer survivors)
Ballroom Dancing
“Moving with Purpose” (exercise classes for individuals with Parkinson’s)
Lunch & Learns
Medical Lectures
Wellness Retreats
Health Fairs
…. and so much more!

To see a list of all the active programs being offered at any given time, go to our registration website:

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If you have questions about programs (for example how to register, refund policy, etc), check out our FAQ page or contact us. (links to subpages for FAQ and contact us)


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